Monday, 7 June 2010

C-Link Development continuing!

We have secured a little more money to continue the development of C-Link thanks to a JISC RI Benefit Realisation grant!

We will use this to enhance usability and robustness of C-Link addressing many of the issues our users have found. We will also be using some of this money to evangelise C-Link at various teaching conferences so look out for us!

More to follow...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Final Project Post

Title of Primary Project Output:
C-Link: Concept Linkage in Knowledge Repositories

Description of Prototype:
C-Link is new search tool for finding related and possibly unknown concepts that lie on a path between two known concepts. Simply entre two search terms and AI is used to try and find a short path between them!

Link to wroking prototype:

Link to end user documentation:

Link to code repository or API:

Link to technical documentation:

Date prototype was launched:

Project Team Names, Emails and Organisations:
Stephen M. Remde, - Developer;
Peter I. Cowling, - Project Manager

Project Website:

PIMS entry:

Table of Content for Project Posts
ViewGoogle Code page
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost
ViewConcept Linkage in Knowledge Repositories
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost
ViewFrom xkcd
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost
ViewIntroduction Video
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost, video
a star, clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost, search, video
ViewJISCRI Event
clink, JISC, JISCRI, jiscri DevCSI #jiscri, projectPost
ViewLive Demo!
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost, win
ViewExport to CMAP!
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost, win
ViewExperimental Trial!
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectEvaluation, projectPost, user evaluation
ViewPaper Submission
clink, JISC, JISCRI, projectPost, user evaluation
ViewWebsite with user guide and demo up!
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ViewPsychology Student Evaluation
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Friday, 20 November 2009

Psychology Student Evaluation

Today we got around 60 psychology students to give the software a go. Very positive feedback.!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Experimental Trial!

Big thanks to everyone who helped in the experimental trial today.

We got 59 results and I'll analyse them shortly.

Winners announce next week!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Export to CMAP!

Searches can now be Exported to CXL - CMap's open standard Xml format!